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Health management center

  • Introduction:
    We emphasis on prevention and medical preofessionalism by complete health management.We also provide high quality health examination services.

    All of the various examination results are integrated, and family practice doctors provide individual health consultations, giving guidance on maintaining good health.

    By doing detailed check-ups, you and your family can take better care of your health.

  • Health examination equipments:
    • Mammography
      • The goal of mammography is the early detection of breast cancer, typically through detection of characteristic masses and/or microcalcifications. Mammography is believed to reduce mortality from breast cancer .
      • Ocular computed tomography for advanced eye examination

    • Abdomen sonograpy for Hepatobiliary(Liver and bile duct), kidneys, and internal organs examinations

    • Painless Panendoscopy & Colonofiberscopy Investigation

      A more comfortable method for the detection of GI tract disease. The usage of conscious sedation analgesic techniques, which is to inject short-term sedative and analgesic medication intravenously into examinees. This technique reduces patient anxiety, nervousness, and pain during endoscope examination. 

    • 64-Slice CT Scanner for Cardiovascular Diseases, Lung Cancer Screening

      Lung cancer and cardiovascular disease are the top ten causes of death in Taiwan. Traditionally, the chest x ray examination of the lung can not find the early lung cancer. However, the 64-Slice CT scanner offers as a more precise tool for detection of early lung cancer. Moreover, the 64-Slice CT scanner is also a non-invasive tool for detection of cardiovascular diseases. 

    • Advantages of 64-Slice CT scanner
      • Can detect coronary artery calcification and atherosclerosis. Does not have the invasiveness of cardiac catheters. Can diagnose blockages of cardiovasculature as accurately as 95-100%. 
      • The low-radiation dosage thoracic CT scan has high diagnostic sensitivity for the high risk group of lung cancer. No contrast agent required.

    • Magnetic resonance imaging
      MRI provides much greater contrast between the different soft tissues of the body than computed tomography (CT) does, making it especially useful in neurological (brain), musculoskeletal imaging.

    • Combo package
      • Cancer (pulmonary system) supreme image examination(64-Slice CT Scanner) 
      • 64-Slice Computed Tomography (CT) For Heart and Vascular Diseases: include blood lipid profile and complete EKG
      • Lung and heart, 64 sclice combo package
      • Head and Neck Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
      • Painless Endoscopic examination (upper GI tract and lower GI tract): include upper GI panendoscope and colonscope examination

    • Standard Set
      Including Blood, Urine and Stool screening test, Glucose, Lipid profile, Renal and Liver function test, complete EKG, Chest x ray, Abdominal sonography and physical examination

    • Hepatitis screening set
      Standard set with additional blood examination of hepatitis marker (HBsAg, anti-HBV, and anti-HCV)

    • Refinement Set
      Standard set with additional blood examiantion of tumor markers (AFP, CEA, CA-199, PSA(male) and CA-125(female)). Others specific infectious disease screening as AIDS and Syphilis.

    • Painless Endoscopic examination
      Upper GI tract and Lower GI tract, including upper GI panendoscope and colonoscope examinations.

  • Contact Us:
    For more detail informations, please call:
    • TEL: +886-3-9325192 ext.1201~5
    • Fax : +886-3-9351617
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