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1895 First clinic was established in June under Japanese military, served by army surgeon.
1896 The clinic was transferred into Taipei County jurisdiction, renamed as the I-Lan County Hospital.
1898 Under the Taiwan Governor's Police Council Health office.
1918 Set up three ward buildings, administration building, new clinics and ophthalmic department..
1930 Rehabilitation center for Opium addiction。
1945 Reformed as Taiwan provincial I-Lan County Hospital.
1945 Providing dental, oral surgery.
1953 Expanded services to Pediatrics, ENT, physical medical room and laboratory, emergency rooms, personnel management, pharmacy.
1978 Completed new ward building.
1980 Offered weekly service for Caring home to the elderly.
1986 Completed Outpatient administration building 。
1987 Began to participate in emergency medical network.
1995 Start running of National health insurance.
2001 Veterans medical team offered resources to the practice, and reopening of the intensive care unit and provide 24-hour emergency services.
2002 Upgraded to a regional teaching hospital.
  Opening of dialysis Center 。
2003 Outbreak of SARS, treated 14 cases, all discharged in wellness.
  Neonatal Intensive care Unit, with 8 beds。
2004 Established Cardiac catheterization room.
  Cooperated with Veteran General Hospital Taipei, first time in the history of organ removal surgery, organs transplant for heart, liver,pancrease, kidney and cornea.
2005 MRI started to serve for trauma, cerebral hemorrhage.
2006 Officially upgraded to a regional teaching hospital.
2007 Specified hospital medical institutions for AIDS
  Winner of the World Health Organization certified as "health promoting hospitals".
2008 Transformed into National Yang Ming University Hospital.
  Honored as a responsible hospital for Enterovirus infection, by Center of Disease control, Department of Health.
2009 Received mobile medical station from Chairman Wu Yue of Siew-Chun Education Foundation.
  Visit of Hospital accreditation committee for TMAC-2009
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