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Administrative Deputy superintendent

Administrative Deputy Superintendent

Yiing-Jenq Chou


Office address

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Hospital

No.169, Siaoshe Rd., Yilan County, Taiwan,26058

Tel:(886)3-9325192 ext.12203

Educational Background

²  Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Ph.D. in Health Policy with a Concentration in Economics, June 1997

²  National Yang-Ming University, Institute of Public Health, Master of Public Health, June 1991

²  National Yang-Ming University, School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, June 1989

Professional specialty

²  Health Policy

²  Health Economics

²  Health Insurance


  1. Dean, Office of Academic Affairs, National Yang-Ming University
  2. Director, Center for General Education, National Yang-Ming University
  3. Director, Institute of Public Health, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  4. Director, Master of Public Health Program, National Yang-Ming University
  5. Professor, Institute of Public Health, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  6. Professor, Department of Social Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
  7. Jointly Appointed Professor, Institute of Hospital and Health Care Administration, National Yang-Ming University
  8. President, Taiwan Society of Health Economics
  9. Chair, Social Medicine Domain, Department of Life Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  10. Member, National Health Insurance Committee, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan
  11. Board Member, Management Committee of Taipei Municipal Hospital Medical Fund
  12. Director, Alumni Center, National Yang-Ming University
  13. Medical secretary, National Yang-Ming University Hospital, Yilan, Taiwan

Research Interest

My main research interest is to evaluate impacts of various health policies on health care system. Several ongoing studies include health care of health care personnel, access to care, medical care utilization, quality of care, and patient safety.

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